Movie News: First Images of Brie Larson as Captain Marvel Surface

We’ve known for awhile that it was in the works, but now some great, high-definition images have surfaced via Page Six of Brie Larson suited up as the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s first female superhero to get her own solo film: Captain Marvel. Take a look:

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While the design of the suit itself closely resembles the current take on the character in the comics, the color scheme is noticeably different. Most are assuming this is not the final version of the suit and is a throw back to the original version of the character who wore green and white:

There’s a video online as well:

Finally, if you’re unfamiliar with Captain Marvel and want a little more background info on who she is in the Marvel universe, check out this great video from The Nerdist:

While these new images are exciting, Captain Marvel is still a ways off. The scheduled release date is March 8th, 2019.

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