Waiting for a movie to start at a local drive in theater.

Hello Internet! My name is Chris and I’d like to officially welcome you to my blog where I will talk about one of my favorite past times and interests: movies! I thought I would tell you a little about myself.

My wife Michelle and I both love movies: between the 2 of us our movie collection numbers a couple thousand and is growing constantly. Our tastes are varied and we enjoy a little of everything: action, drama, comedy, rom com (more Michelle than me). I will apologize up front to all of the horror fans out there: Michelle doesn’t care for anything in that genre, while I only enjoy certain ones. The key for me is there needs to be a story that I find interesting. Movies like Saw, where the goal is to make the viewer queasy don’t interest me.

Movies have been a love of mine since I was a little kid, watching them with my dad. While it may sound cliché, cinema has the ability to transport you to unknown settings such as the wild west or to another galaxy far far away (obligatory Star Wars reference), and yet wrestle with an idea or concept that’s relevant to the world in which you actually live. That’s incredible to me.

While I enjoy watching movies in the comfort of my own home, I believe the truest form of any movie is watching them on the big screen. I love the entire experience and go to the movies every chance I get.

On this blog I will review movies, as well as talk about topics within the movie industry that interest me. Hopefully, you will read and be interested enough to join in the conversation or to at least take a laugh or interesting thought away. While I will be reviewing movies, a wonderful thing about cinema is that it is an art form, and by it’s very nature: subjective. A “good movie” is in the eye of the beholder. Whether or not you personally enjoy a movie depends on what your specific interests are as well as what your expectations are going in.

I hope you enjoy your stay at my blog. Feel free to leave comments: tell me what you think or maybe just tell me what your favorite movie is and why?

See you at the movies!

The Last Action Hero. 1993