Injustic 2: Crossover, Dude!

NetherRealm studios has revealed the next round of DLC characters for their popular DC comic fighting game: Injustice 2…and it has me craving some radical pizza, dude.

That’s right, alongside Enchantress and Atom, you will be able to pit the Ninja Turtles against the roster of DC’s heroes and villains. NetherRealm enjoys throwing in a couple wild cards, and while a lot of fans would rather see more relevant characters like Spawn or even Beast Boy, the heroes in a half shell are definitely a fun edition.

What is especially surprising is how the Turtles look. They don’t look anything like the modern Michael Bay iterations, but seem to be modeled more after the movies from the 90’s. This was a brilliant choice, as this will be sure to please the older Turtle fans (like myself).

This will go down as their most random crossover for the series to be sure, however there was an excellent TMNT/Batman comic cross over not too long ago. I wonder if someone at NetherRealm is a fan…

The DLC drops December 12th. What do you think? Check out the trailer below.

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