Justice League Soundtrack Now Streaming

You can now stream the soundtrack to Justice League on Spotify. You will need to download the free app if you don’t already have it or you can check out a preview of each track below. Spoilers, beware! The track titles could give minor story point spoilers, but looks like nothing significant. Browse at your own risk!

Danny Elfman scored the film; the composer behind hundreds of movie soundtracks over the years. There are definitely some riffs in a couple tracks reminiscent of the 1989 Batman soundtrack. I can’t say I’m upset over that.

While there are some definite stand out moments here, I can’t help but be reminded of the army of drums in Hans Zimmers score for Man of Steel. The majority of Zimmer’s tracks were by far more interesting to listen to.

Justice League is out next week on the 17th, and I will be here to let you know how it is!

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