Every Question I Want Answered in The Last Jedi

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is almost upon us. After re watching episode 7, here are the most pressing questions I have going into the theater. What questions do you want answered? What do you think will happen?

What is Rey’s backstory and who are her parents?

One of the most mysterious secrets about Rey is where she came from. There are several theories: that she’s Luke’s daughter or maybe even Obi-Wan’s granddaughter are the two most common theories. Maybe she was one of Luke’s youngest students who has lost her memory of what happened? The answer to these questions will undoubtedly explain why using the force comes so naturally to her. Seems like a Skywalker trait to me…


Will Kylo continue his path along the dark side?

While some think Kylo is too whiny, I really enjoy the character: he is the first major Star Wars villain that has been deeply conflicted with the dark side. He feels more human than the typical “bad to the bone” baddie, which makes him complex and interesting. I’m wondering if we’ll see him jump to the light and fight against Snoke before it’s all said and done.


Who is Snoke?

Not much is known so far about Supreme Leader Snoke other than he’s the real leader behind the First Order, has trained Kylo in the ways of the dark side, hates Luke and every other Jedi, and has a horribly ugly face. There are numerous theories online, ranging the gamut from being Emperor Palpatine who somehow survived the Death Star explosion, to the very first Jedi, or even a humorous yet unlikely theory that he’s Jar Jar Binks out for revenge for the death of his best friend “Ani.”.

What has Luke been up to all this time and what role will he play now?

Luke seems like he has some major Jedi PTSD going on…and for good reason: His nephew killed all of his students, went to the dark side, and has now killed one of his dearest friends. It will be good to finally find out more details about the Jedi school Luke attempted to start, and what he’s been doing since it’s demise. Will Luke shake off his traumatic past and throw down against the dark side one last epic time? Let’s hope so.


What role will Kelly Marie Tran’s new character play?

Kelly Marie Tran will be playing a Resistance mechanic named Rose, seen in most of the trailers. Next to nothing is known about her going into the movie. How does she factor in and how vital will she be to the overall story? We shall see.


What are Finn’s plans after healing from his wounds?

Finn finally stopped running at the end of Force Awakens; both literally and figuratively. Clearly healed from his wounds in the trailers, what will he do with his new-found courage? Judging from the trailer, one thing he’ll do is have hopefully memorable showdown with Captain Phasma.


What’s Captain Phasma’s deal?

Speaking of Phasma, she’s been the “Boba Fett” of this trilogy so far in that she’s a unique character who has been underutilized. To my knowledge, not only is she the first female storm trooper seen in the movies, but she’s achieved the rank of Captain. That has “badass” written all over it. It would be great to explore more of her motivations and skills. While there has been a comic series written about her, I’d like to see some of it on the big screen.

How does Leia go out?

Tragically, with the passing of Carrie Fisher, this will be the last performance as Leia. Hopefully, her exit will be a little more graceful than Han’s.


Where is Chewy’s place after losing Han?

Han and Chewbacca were inseparable and the best of friends. Now with Han gone, what will Chewy’s role be going forward? He and Rey seem to have a connection. I really hate to say it, because he is my favorite Star Wars character, but I would not be surprised to see Chewy make the ultimate sacrifice…maybe to protect Leia from the same fate as Han.

Will someone lose a hand?

This one is more for laughs, but it is true that a Skywalker has lost a hand in the 2nd movie of both of the previous trilogies. If Rey is revealed as Luke’s daughter, she might as well kiss her hand goodbye.

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